The dermatology guide for marketing, seo, and website development: by

The dermatology guide for marketing, seo, and website development: by

Are you a dermatologist? Dermatology practice group? If so, and you are searching for marketing, SEO and website development tools and resources, this guide will help you!

Growing your dermatology practice or skin care company isn’t just about getting everyone to become patients. It’s a strategic plan for reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

You'll find that this is especially true for dermatologists who focus on a specific niche or specialty within dermatology. This guide will help you get there with a clear roadmap for how to build a marketing, SEO and practice management strategy that enables you to achieve your goals.

In this guide for Dermatologists, we will cover the following topics to help you acquire more patients for your practice:

From traditional marketing of television ads to digital marketing of social media and SEO, you can reach your audience using the tactics included in this guide. So let’s dive in so you can begin your marketing journey.

How to Generate and Book More Patient Leads:

For Dermatology Practices and Skin Care Providers

Ultimately, leads are the bread and butter of every company. Without inquiries and interest, you can’t bring in new customers. Leads come in a variety of ways from referrals to online search traffic.

The key to generating leads is to be active online in the right places and build awareness for your company. There are two critical areas of marketing: inbound and outbound.

Inbound marketing includes tactics designed to bring customers to your brand through valuable content. Generally, inbound marketing is earned instead of bought.

Outbound marketing pushes out details about your brand, product or service. This type of marketing includes traditional marketing tactics like television or radio ads.

You can leverage both inbound and outbound marketing tactics to bring more patients to your dermatology practice. You'll want to think about these critical areas.

Local search to become the most popular "dermatologist near me" result

Dermatologist seo can bring in more patient leads.

Dermatologist seo can bring in more patient leads.

As a service organization, dermatologists benefit greatly from ensuring that they appear in local search results. Referrals are undoubtedly one of the most significant ways that people find your business. 

However, you can’t ignore the fact that even with a referral, people will be doing online research to back up what they hear about your practice and your competitors. How you stack up against your competitors is very important, and local search helps to answer that question for potential customers. 

To enhance your local search capabilities, here are a few online marketing tactics to focus on for your dermatology practice.

  • Claim your Google My Business listing

  • Ensure your address is consistent across all platforms

  • Earn reviews

  • Network to receive listings on other sites

  • Optimize your website

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these tactics.

Claim your Dermatology’s “Google My Business” listing
Google might already list your business, in which case, all you have to do is claim your listing. Claiming your listing gives you the opportunity to update any incorrect information and provide ease of editing for the future. If a listing does not yet exist, you can create a new one. 

Google offers instructions on how to claim your Google My Business listing. In short, you’ll sign into your Google account, enter your business information and select a verification option.  

Once complete, your information shows on a map listing for people in your area who are searching for local dermatologists. This map sits just below the initial ads on Google, making it prime real estate for being found.

Ensure your address is consistent across all platforms
Search engines hate inconsistencies. It makes your business confusing for the engine to follow and know that each different listing relates to your single business.

To do this, you need to update your address and contact information across all social media platforms, Yelp, medical sites like HealthGrades, your website, and anywhere else you find your practice mentioned.

Earn reviews
Online referrals and recommendations carry a great deal of weight. Not only does having reviews make you more attractive to potential customers, but they help your ranking as well. Search engine rankings tend to favor businesses that they view as more popular.  

One way to earn reviews is to invite your recent patients to review your business after a visit. You can encourage these reviews as part of a friendly follow-up email or text message following an appointment.

Reviews also make great additions to your website and social media marketing, so you won’t regret the effort it might take to receive such reviews.

Network to receive listings on other sites
There are a variety of websites that list information for medical professionals. Some of these sites use an algorithm to pull data from other online listings, while others require you to input your data.

The more places your business is listed accurately and reputable, the better. Your local chamber of commerce can also be a great place to be listed, though there are fees associated with joining your chamber of commerce. 

Another way to use local networking for business listings is to give back to the community. If you sit on a board of directors for a nonprofit or sponsor a local event, you can get link backs to your website.

Optimize your website
Your website is a crucial aspect of your local search strategy. All of your listings elsewhere on the internet will lead back to your website. Search engines are smart, and they know when your online listings don’t match what is on your website.

So display your address prominently on your website. Write blog posts that provide real value to your customers on a regular basis that naturally include your location. You'll find that this helps in two ways. Search engines prefer websites that are regularly updated with information and mentioning your keyword location helps search engines understand more about who you are.

How to market on social media for Dermatologists

Health care isn’t one of the most popular topics for social media. Partially because of HIPAA and concerns around breaching privacy laws. 

You can easily create a great social media for your dermatology practice strategy without ever creating concerns about privacy practices. Here’s how to do it for the leading platforms.

Instagram is a highly visual platform that is great for images and videos. There are a variety of ways to leverage the platform.

Remember those reviews we talked about in the previous section? You can create great review graphics using programs like Canva to highlight what’s great about your practice.  

Instagram is also an excellent place for quick tips. You can create a graphic that shares a skin care tip to showcase your expertise. 

Film some quick explainer videos that show how to care for your skin. It is best if you can do it with one of your doctors because it makes them seem friendlier and approachable. 

Facebook invites a bit more interaction then Instagram. It’s also an important platform for your local search strategy because it allows you to list your address and business information. The main strength Facebook has over Instagram is clickable links within articles.

If you don’t provide regular updates though, your business can look stale, and visitors might wonder if you’re still open if they land on your page from search. Be sure that you’re sharing regular updates including photos, links to your blog articles, links to media featuring your practice and more.

dermatology practice marketing with Snapchat, instagram and social media.

dermatology practice marketing with Snapchat, instagram and social media.

Snapchat provides an opportunity to reach its 150 million user base. There are a variety of strategies that dermatologists can use to reach their audience using Snapchat.

One of the most obvious ways is through taking out an ad on Snapchat. Like other social media platforms, Snapchat enables you to home in on your local audience with robust segmentation based on location.

Another way to leverage Snapchat is through a geofilter. You can create a Snapchat filter and set it so that it appears when people are in your office and general vicinity. It allows you to maximize that time that your patients spend inside your waiting room. They’ll be cruising their online profiles anyway, so why not give them the opportunity to share what they’re up to with a snazzy filter?

Dermatologists Need to know how to use social media such as instagram, pinterest, youtube, snapchat, and facebook.

Dermatologists Need to know how to use social media such as instagram, pinterest, youtube, snapchat, and facebook.

According to eMarketer, Pinterest is the second most influential platform when it comes to making a purchasing decision. An excellent Pinterest strategy can show your expertise and bring in new customers.

Pinterest allows you to pin photos with an attached link, making it a great place to share how-to guides and snippets of content from your blog articles. Remember those tips you designed for your Instagram? If they relate to a recent blog, Pinterest is a great place to post the image with a link to that blog.

How to fix bad reviews and enhance your dermatology practice’s reputation

Reputation management is a crucial aspect of your local search strategy. Another reason to claim your Google My Business listing is to able to monitor what’s being said about you online.

While it doesn’t entirely negate a negative listing, responding to issues can help your reputation. You want to provide excellent customer service from the start to avoid receiving negative reviews. But when you do get one, be sure to respond so that others who come to your listing know that you care. 

In addition to responding, you also want to weed out reviews that aren’t actually about your dermatology practice. The web is incredibly expansive, which sometimes means people post on the wrong listing by accident. You can prove that these listings don’t belong on your listing and request that they are removed.

If the information in a negative review is false, aimed at destroying your practice, or uses inappropriate language, you can have the review removed. Not all negative reviews can be removed though and those are the cases when you want to craft a well-written and heartfelt response. Ensure your response acknowledges the incident, apologizes and refrains from being defensive.

The best print ad designs for Dermatologists 

While digital practices get the majority of marketing attention now, you can’t ignore the benefits of print ads. Print can serve a purpose in your marketing initiatives. Because there can be more costs associated with print materials, be sure to be extremely strategic with your print marketing.

One of the key aspects to print marketing is making it really easy to get in contact with you. If you can allow for online scheduling, your print marketing might have greater results than requiring a phone call. 

Here’s a look at how to use various print pieces in your marketing.

Postcards are less expensive than letters and draw in your recipient at a glance because there’s no envelope to open or barrier to getting their eyes on the page. Because of this, you want your postcard to be very attractive visually.

A good practice is to have the front of your postcard be very visual and make a bold statement. This is where you showcase your value and make a promise to your audience. On the back, put your practice information and any details on your specialty.

Another great way to use postcards is to invite your patients back if you haven’t seen them in a while. Again, you need this to be highly visual and invite them in. It could be that they don’t realize how long it’s been since they visited your practice and your postcard can jog their memory.

Just be aware that what you put on a postcard is not private, so don’t put any information on it that could violate HIPAA privacy laws.

Mailers can be a variety of formats from letters to booklets. Because there is more expense associated with this sort of direct mail, you might want to use this option more sparingly.

A mailer can be a great follow-up to a conversation you’ve had with a potential patient or to an inquiry on your website. A good pamphlet explaining your service offerings or before after pictures can be a convincing piece of marketing to bring someone into your dermatology practice.

When you sponsor local events, one of the benefits is often being able to place a flier in a goodie bag. One of the keys to a great flier, in this case, is relating it to the event. 

Think about your audience and why they are at the event. For example, you might advertise your dermatologist practice at a parade of homes. In this case, your messaging could relate to caring for your skin like you care for your home.

Full page fliers provide tons of space for information and visuals but are careful you don’t go too crazy with this. You want to use good white space and limited text still to make your flier inviting for users to skim. Use bullet points, break up your paragraphs into only a couple of sentences and use visuals to your advantage.

Dermatology newspaper ads: examples and how to utilize local marketing.

Dermatology newspaper ads: examples and how to utilize local marketing.

Newspapers tend to be very local and people reading them are looking for local news and information. Newspaper ads are also often black and white, which can be challenging when seeking to attract the eye.

Because they are black and white, simple graphics are better than complex ones, and bold headlines are more important. You should also make it clear that you are local and you can add in information on what your practice does to support the local community. 

The Best Dermatology TV commercials 

TV advertising is not dead. Just because digital practices are more emphasized does not mean that traditional media has no worth. TV commercials can serve a variety of functions.

Here are some top television commercials from dermatologists that showcase different strategies and types…

Overview of practice 

Sutton Dermatology and Aesthetics’ TV ad provides a nice overview of what the practice provides. It mixes in visuals of the office setting, doctors and medical professionals, and patients to give you a good feel for what to expect.

By showing the team, this ad makes you feel connected to the staff and interested in meeting them. The listing of services and procedures is relatable to the audience who can say “I need that.”

Recognizable and trendy service

Coolsculpting is a popular practice that is enabling dermatologists to offer an additional service of interest to patients. By bringing them in for coolsculpting, you can make them a patient for all their skincare needs.

This ad focuses on just the coolsculpting service. It doesn’t try to communicate all services that the dermatology practice offers, which makes it easy to remember and still markets the local dermatology practice. 

Strong visuals and transitions

In this TV ad, Kleydman Dermatology uses visuals and snappy transitions to keep your attention. It moves through different parts of the office and patient care scenarios all with upbeat music in the background.

By moving at a good pace, it keeps the ad from being boring. The ad also features the practice information at the bottom throughout the video so that you don’t miss it and know how to contact them. This prominent placement of contact information can help with conversion.

How to Build the Best Dermatology Websites and Mobile apps

Your website is so vital to your marketing strategy. In many cases, it’s your first impression for potential customers, and you should ensure that it’s an excellent first impression. A mobile application can then keep you connected to your customers on an ongoing basis.

The Top 3 Best Dermatology Websites

As you look to make your website best in class, here are some of the top dermatologist websites to get an idea of what’s out there. 

Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s dermatology practice website shows common skin conditions and treatments.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s dermatology practice website shows common skin conditions and treatments.

1.    Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Dr. Bailey’s website breaks down a patient’s needs well. From a scrolling homepage banner that lists out popular services and products to a section on advice for various skin care needs, it’s highly effective at inbound marketing. 

The site offers advice and content to arm the reader with what they need to know about skin care. This makes Dr. Bailey an expert and reliable when the time comes to enlist her services. 

The site also has a strong eCommerce section broken down by product type, condition or ingredients. This makes it easier to find exactly what you need when you need it. The products include in-depth descriptions, so you know what you’re getting. 

Additionally, the advice section of the website has content of varying lengths. From blog articles to lengthier guides, it offers content to match the audience.

SkinCare physicians is a Best-in-Class dermatology website with good homepage modules.

SkinCare physicians is a Best-in-Class dermatology website with good homepage modules.

2.    SkinCare Physicians

One of the strongest sections of the website is their meet the physician module. With photos and links to read more, you can get familiar with a doctor before ever visiting the practice.

Another strong aspect of this website is its in-depth descriptions of each practice area. They organize these under larger categories and then break down the services from there. It makes the various services easier to understand and learn about.

The photo gallery offers examples of the dermatology practice’s work. Before and after images can be a convincing selling factor for potential customers. 

A top dermatology website is contour dermatology.

A top dermatology website is contour dermatology.

3.    Contour Dermatology

The Contour Dermatology homepage tells a good story and hits on the major aspects of what makes a person decide on a dermatologist. It walks visitors through the highlights of the practice, including reviews, meet the doctors, awards and media recognition.

The site also offers a strong eCommerce platform for patients to purchase skin care products. The blog offers regular updates on specials and information on skin care related to the season. The website also provides a place for patients to login in and access the patient portal to communicate with the practice directly. 

While there isn’t direct online scheduling, there is a form that visitors can complete to get in touch with the practice to schedule an appointment digitally.

vail dermatology review

vail dermatology review

Honorable Mention: Vail Dermatology Review

We love local businesses, so here’s a highlight of a local dermatologist office with a strong online presence, Vail Dermatology with offices in Aspen, Edwards, Breckenridge, Glenwood and Vail, Colorado. The Vail Dermatology site opens with strong photography in a rotating carousel. The next section of the homepage then helps visitors identify their needs based on four main categories.

The team has an eye toward ensuring conversions on their website by placing contact information at the bottom of all blog posts. How to get in touch with your business should never be a guessing game, and Vail Dermatology puts that at the forefront of its website. 

Additionally, the website was built with the customer in mind. It provides information on what insurance is accepted and allows patients to pay their bill easily online.

How could these dermatology practices improve their online presence?

  • Better web design elements, focusing on humanizing the physicians.

  • Smoother eCommerce integration to make shopping on skin care and Dermatology websites, easier.

  • More video integration and case studies of patients who were treated by the Derm-practice.

  • Dermatological medical guides that are indexed and found on Google, so as to drive new patients (revenue) to the practice.

  • Simplification of navigation and user flow (UI/UX).

  • Stronger web security to protect patient data.

How to sell your skin care products online

To enhance what you’re already offering for your dermatology office, you can offer your products online through an eCommerce platform. This adds convenience for your customers and provides you with a way to monetize your website. Here are the top eCommerce platforms to consider for your online store.


Shopify offers you secure online payments in a platform that does it all. You don’t need a separate hosting service when you choose Shopify.

Additionally, Shopify has built the relationships with payment gateways and integrated them so that you don’t have to worry about that part. This means you can accept a variety of payment options without contracting another service to do so. 

The backend on Shopify is easy to manage so you can ensure you send timely shipments and get them to the right customers. The platform offers a set-up checklist so that you can get started easily, even if you’ve never managed an eCommerce site.

***Here’s our official Shopify Marketing and SEO guide to help you set-up your Shopify site.


WooCommerce is a free platform. You’ll need to choose a host and domain, which will cost you money. There are free templates for WooCommerce, but you might want to upgrade to a paid template to better match your needs.

There are also a variety of options to add to your WooCommerce website. These options include SEO, security add-ons and payment gateways. Deciding what type of site you need early on is best before choosing WooCommerce because add-ons can get costly. In short, WooCommerce is a great low-cost option if you need limited capabilities. 

***Here’s our official WooCommerce Marketing and SEO Guide to help you get started with WooCommerce.


Magento is an open source platform, meaning developers can create new applications and functionality for the site. Magento is used by some large companies, like Ford and Nike. Because it’s such a widely used platform, the support is seemingly endless.  

The backend provides strong customer management, pricing, inventory and shipping tools. Magento also offers users the ability to create a profile so they can log in and see where their order is at any given point and easily place orders in the future without having to input their information again.

***Here’s our official Magento Marketing and SEO Guide to help you get started with Magento.

How to best manage your dermatology practice software and technology…

Acquiring a new customer takes 25 times as much as retaining a current one. This means that even if your search engine marketing, website and print ads are excellent, you’ll be spending tons of money constantly bringing in new customers.

A major factor of retention with current customers comes in the form of practice management software and technology. Practice management software enables you to interact with your patients in a tailored CRM designed for dermatologists

The Best EMR & EHR Software for Dermatologists

DrChrono ehr is a leading software for dermatologists.

DrChrono ehr is a leading software for dermatologists.

1.    DrChrono EHR
Manage intake, charting and billing all in one place with DrChrono EHR. The platform enables you to use a mobile application or web-based software to do everything from scheduling to e-prescribing. 

It also provides a patient portal so your patients can view lab results and upcoming visit information all in one place. You can build custom forms to match your workflow or different visit types. Additionally, customization is available to allow you to keep track of a patient’s ongoing vitals and benchmarks to track improvement.

2.    AdvancedMD
As a software suite, AdvancedMD offers various functions to help you run your dermatology practice. It’s more than a practice management tool, also offering telemedicine, EHR, finances, and business intelligence reports.

As a cloud platform, you can access it anywhere you go, so that patient information is always secure but also always accessible. Because it’s a web application, it can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

3.    athenahealth EHR
athenahealth offers patient billing, care coordination and assistance with point-of-care through mobile apps. With a network of 99,000 providers, athenahealth offers great coordination with other aspects of a patient’s care.

The platform is for so much more than just doctors to record information on a patient visit. It offers tools for the whole staff, including daily responsibilities and to-do management. Beyond that, it also offers reporting and insights to help manage your business from start to finish.

How can Vail Networks help your Dermatology practice?

Ask about these programs and contact our Dermatology-focused web development team who can answer all of your questions.

1.   DermLeads™ Program [Monthly Digital Marketing], with SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing all-in-one.

2.   DermBuild™ Program [Web Development], with a 360 degree approach to front-end and back-end, full-stack development.

3.   DermManage™ Program  [Software and IT Install and Support], American-based, 24/7 availability.

Give us a call at (800) 313-7950 to hear more about our digital marketing, SEO, and web development for Dermatologists.

Best dermatology websites: built by

Best dermatology websites: built by